Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tiny at Studio Gallery & Tree Planting with FUF

"Green Hills"

by Mina Reimer

Mixed media and resin

"Tiny" is probably my favorite recurring show at Studio Gallery. In this third incarnation, Jennifer hangs 225 paintings at a time and when one sells, it is replaced by another. Besides being small in size, all the artwork is small in price - everything under $400, and the little gem pictured above? just $80.

The show is up now, and the reception is this Saturday from 4-8. It will be a scene because so many artists are represented. It is no accident that this show will run through December 23. All you holiday shoppers are fully expected to get out there, support your economy, local artists and your country, dammit!

Most likely, you will be very tired from planting trees at 9:00 am with the Friends of the Urban Forest. Just go home, take a shower and a nap and put on your party frock for a 4:00 appearance at the opening. Volunteers can show up Saturday, November 10, at 9am rain or shine at 1465 Washington between Leavenworth and Hyde. We will start off with instruction and get all the equipment necessary and then move on to the planting sites.

See more art bits and get Studio Gallery particulars at their website: