Sunday, March 30, 2008

Food Delivery from Polk Street, The Search Begins

The city dweller's nightmare - waking to find one's self in a remote location so desolate that no food is delivered except via Fed-Ex.

I get such a kick out of opening the take-out menu drawer (yes, we have one) and riffling through the stack, calling out, "what-do-you want-tonight-Thai-Chinese-Turkish-Pizza-Afghani-or-Indian?" (I get tired and can't name all the options.)

In celebration of food delivery, I want an exhaustive list of all delivery options on Polk. You will help me, won't you?

What is your favorite Polk Restaurant that delivers? What do they do better than anyone else
I will soon be in food delivery heaven - Manhattan - where darned near every restaurant delivers.

Photo Credit: edgeplot on flickr

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