Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lights Out; Trash Out

Besides being a big art weekend, we also have a couple of great ways to contribute to the community.

Turn off Your Lights is a citwide energy conservation event on Saturday, Oct 20. From 8 to 9 pm everyone in the city is invited to turn off all non-essential lighting and install one energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb.

The goal of this event is to conserve 15% of the energy consumed in an average night in San Francisco and to raise awareness of our ability to reduce the city's appetite for energy and protect out planet from the effects of the climate crisis.

To celebrate this event, Lights Out is hosting an evening of dancing to DJs and live music in Dolores Park.

See for more info.

Clean up on Polk

All of the neighborhood associations for the Polk Street Corridor are coordinating a clean up day this Saturday. I have participated in this event and had a surprisingly good time. It felt great to clean up the street and I met some of our great neighbors.

The Middle Polk Neighbors will be meeting at Its a Grind, 1800 Polk Street @Washington, 9:45 am, Sat, Oct 20. All equipment is provided by the DPW.

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