Friday, August 3, 2007

A Crafty Workout

The Craft Gym, 1452 Bush Street between Polk and Van Ness, provides a haven for the space- constrained city crafter. Craft Gym offers worktables, tools and equipment for loads of crafts - jewelry, sewing, pottery, quilting, weaving, soap and candle making, metal and wood working, and fabric coloring.

Lessons, parties and gym memberships are all available. A gym membership gives you access to the tools and equipment; and what is a gym without your very own locker? If you have a project you just want to drop in and work on, you can get a day pass.

I love classes for craft projects. You show up, all the materials are ready to go, and there's someone to step in and help you resolve the inevitable mistakes and problems. You leave with a finished product and some new friends.

Check out membership options and class schedules at or call 415-441-6223.

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