Friday, August 17, 2007

Polk Street Clean Up

Late notice to be sure, what can I say, I been sick.

Tomorrow, citizens from the Polk Street corridor will be cleaning up Polk Street from stem to stern. All of the neighborhood groups that span the corridor are getting together at several meeting places. I only know two of the meeting places - 1033 Polk & 1800 Polk. I think there is also a meeting place in Aquatic Park.

The Department of Public Works is providing lunch afterwards, and I heard word of t-shirts!

The day's work will not only clean up the neighborhood, but it will give you a chance to meet your neighbors and show criminals that this area is not up for grabs. Citizens of the Polk Street Corridor care about the environment and are working together.

If you miss this month's clean up, you can still catch the next one. There is a clean up scheduled for every third Saturday. And not to fret, I will remind you.

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