Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Aunt Bill's Antiques Closes - 1429 Polk for Rent

After an extended going-out-of-business sale, Aunt Bill's antiques closed its doors.

I spoke to Avariso of A-Plus Painting and Remodeling (phone: 800-997-8354) as he was painting the interior in preparation for the next tenant. He referred me to the owner, David Levy, to find out who might be the next tennant.

Among the many things Mr. Levy told me - no tenant has yet signed a lease. So, maybe YOU are the next tennant? The storefront offers about 1400 square feet of retail space with additional storage. Contact Mr. Levy at: Levy1871@aol.com for more details.

Levy nugget #2: Wyatt Earp used to train horses in Hayes Valley and race them on Urbano Drive. Wyatt wasn't racing on public streets; according to Mr. Levy, Urbano Drive was a race track.

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