Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Who Speaks for Polk Street?

Whether you vote or not, there are people who influence nearly every aspect of life on Polk. Everything from trash (notice all the disappearing trash cans?) to police patrols. We are going to be looking at the issues that effect life on Polk, so you will want to know who you can contact to help make a difference.

District Supervisors
Polk Street cuts through three San Francisco Supervisorial Districts. Michaela Alioto-Pier represents residents north of Union Street in District 2. South of Union Street and north of Post Street falls into District 3, represented by Aaron Peskin. Chris Daly represents Polk Street south of Post in District 6.

I'm not feeling the love from Michaela and Aaron. It is not that easy to find out what they are up to unless they get a mention in the newspaper or you dig around in the Board records. Compare this to Chris Daly's page which (love him or hate him) connects you to a blog of regular communications.

Office of Neighborhood Services
The Mayor's Office has an Office of Neighborhood Services, and assigns specific representative to each District.
District 2: Summer Graham, 415-554-6148,
District 3: Bernadine Lim, 415-554-6467,
District 6: Jason Chan, 415-554-6253,

Have you worked with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Servies? Tell us all what your experience has been working with any of our representatives.

Our Metro Police Division is Northern Division, lead by Captain Kevin Dillon. I am going to drop into the monthly community meeting, held every second Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm, 1125 Fillmore St. Just marked my calendar! Check back here Friday, July 13 to hear the scintillating update. Better yet, join me.

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