Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chow Hound - Relaxed Restaurants on Polk or Filmore and the Search for Buble Tea

Relaxed Reccomendations

Chow Hound has this thread on an inquiry looking for relaxed mid-price restaurants on Polk and Filmore:

Added bonus - there's a Twins-spotting tip in one of the suggestions.

Tajine, among others, gets a mention. I have to say, I love Tajine. I never made it to their first location, and hear the prices have gone up a bit in the Polk Street location. However, their slow-cooked food with delicately layered flavors seems like a good deal to me.

Bubble Tea

The tapioca tea phenomenon holds no allure for me, but our very own Chai Yo gets a nod on another Chow Hound discussion thread. Chai Yo' s delivery number is on my speed-dial for those must-eat-Thai-food-in moments. Read on for the best in Bubble Tea:

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