Monday, July 16, 2007

Istoria Eats Her Way Down Polk

I have a Google alert that shows me other people's blog posts about Polk Street. I found this one interesting because it shows you how a visitor engaged with Polk Street.

Istoria stayed at the Heritage Marina Hotel on Van Ness, and she had 7 meals on Polk (of 16 meals over 7 days, or 43%). She ate at Lemongrass, Boulange on Polk, The Crepe House, Cheese Plus and the Bagelry. That's a pretty good share of dining opportunites spent on Polk.

Who should care about this? Any restaurant owner on Polk should be looking for promotion opportunities at the nearby hotels. A regular delivery of goodies to the front desk would go a long way to getting you referrals. Then, who knows, maybe you get to leave menus in the rooms?

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Cleo said...

Hi, I'm istoria (or Cleo in non-web names)! I was testing out Google's blogsearch on my username to see what I could turn up. How funny to find this!

We LOVED Polk and every place we ate there. But we heard of none of these through our hotel. All the brochures in our lobby were for take out places only (pizza and Chinese). In fact, it's a good thing we got a bit lost and walked UP the hill to find Polk otherwise we would have missed a lot of great restaurants.

Most people will head straight down to Fisherman's Wharf and that's a loss. Definitely advertise in the Heritage Marina. I think whatever restaurant they had on the premise closed so better to go people staying there to go up a block and find a great variety of foods then straight into tourist center at the Wharf.