Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Out of Walls? Art to wear or hoard.

Velvet da Vinci is a reasonably serious gallery. Let's just say, they post artists statements. Given that, I sort of expected some gallery attitude, but I was happily relieved of that misconcepton by the gracious Ariel who greeted us, gave us a tour of the gallery and even gave our dog a biscuit. (Say,"Thank you," Chester.)

The gallery specializes in artist jewelry and metalwork. Ariel shared the thought behind the layout - the front half of the gallery usually shows many of the gallery's regular artists and the back half is reserved for larger shows.

Kristin Beeler has the big show to herself in the back half of the gallery from July 18 to August 26. You can get a preview of Beeler's "Beauty and Other Monsters" show on the VDV website: http://velvetdavinci.com/show.php?sid=69.

Velvet da Vinci is at 2015 Polk Street, phone: 415-441-0109, Open Tues - Sat 12-6, Sun 12-4

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