Saturday, July 14, 2007

Northern Station Police Update

I attended the Northern Station Community Meeting on Thursday, July 12. The main topics of conversation were the gang violence at Eddy and Laguna and a series of muggings.

Gang Violence

Northern Station has officers stationed around the clock at the public housing on Eddy and Laguna. I am sure the folks who live in the area feel better with police presence, unless they were unnerved by the two further shootings of six additional victims within a block or less of the stationed patrol.

The stationary detail requires the full time work of 16 officers. This leaves ONE patrol car to respond to emergency calls.

The only success of this detail has been a reduction in the number of vehicles broken into. Seems the bad guys can leave the complex, but returning with the goods poses a problem. This minor win is offset by the fact that while the crimes are down in the immediate vicinity, a good deal of the activity has been moved outward.

So, when can we expect this detail to end? There are no clear answers on this point. The detail was at the behest of City Hall. It appears they would rather look like they were doing something, as long as that something is not failing more visibly that doing nothing.

I suggest you get in contact with your Supervisor and the Mayors Office and ask for some more detail on this one. I, for one, would like to see more patrol cars available for emergency response.

Item Two - Muggings

There are two teams of muggers working. Northrn Staion has a good bead on them and is working to catch them, but gave the following reminders about staying safe:
  • Don't carry computers in an obvious computer bag - they are targets
  • Be aware as you are getting in and out of your vehicle
  • Drunks make good targets
  • If approached, just give them the stuff, your life can't be replaced.

One last word - you can leave a copy of your registration in the car instead of the original. One less hassle if your car is broken into.

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