Sunday, July 1, 2007

Studio Gallery Defines Polk Community

I have to credit Jennifer Farris and Rab Terry with two things:

1. Selling me nearly every piece of art I own.
2. Welcoming me into the Polk Community, or at least their little corner of it.

Jennifer and Rab own Studio Gallery on Polk. Mike, Chester and I stop in nearly every time we walk down Polk -- on the way to pick up Chester's food at The Animal Connection, after a martini at the Lush Lounge or after a stop at the post office (yes, Chester's been welcome in all three). Chester gets a charlie bear treat and we get to meet whichever artist or neighbor has also stopped by and we check out the latest work.

I have no neat classification for the art at Studio. All the better. From fine art to craft, paintings, jewelery and furniture, everything is tied together by Jenneifer and Rab's sensibilities. There are a few theme shows every year (so far): "Delicious" - the food show, "tiny" - art under 7"x7" and under $200, "Salvaged" and "Mischief" - cartoon and character works. A sense of hilarity abounds.

Maybe this list of items that just arrived will help give you a sense of what I mean

  • Loads of crab & fish plates in new colors by Lorna Newlin
  • Newly restored classic clocks from Jake Wrench
  • Lots of Baby Edddy Heads from 3D-Edddy
  • New Dust Bunny paintings &
  • Lots of "Fear of..." encaustics from Brian Behnke

'Nuff said? The next show is the return of "Mischief", character-based art, everything is under $400, July 18th - August 12th, reception: Saturday, July 21st, 4-8 pm.

Studio Gallery: 1718A Polk Street, between Clay & Washington, 415.931.3130, Hours: Wed - Fri 11am - 8 pm, Sat, Sun - 11 am - 6 pm.

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