Monday, July 2, 2007

School of Rock

Ever wonder what the "bird" storefront on Polk houses? All I ever saw was the kraft paper covered windows in a space where some antiques stores used to reside, and the enigmatic message: MUSIC +COMMUNITY+TECHNOLOGY. Maybe a survivor?

In a fit of curiosity; I picked up one of their brochures. Turns out there’s a whole lot going on. There’s the school of rock – band workshops for kids. Ok, and a school of yoga and dance. And recording.

Bird, at 1924 Polk, covers a lot of territory with their musical offerings. Adults can take classes and rent equipment, but at bird, the focus is on kids and young adults. I mentioned recording? I should have said, "complete studio equipped to record a full cd". Kids can learn all about how to run their band – how to run a rehearsal, stage presence, and engineering live and recorded sound. Your kid doesn’t have a band? She can put one together at bird.

Polk is no Noe Valley - not a lot of kid activity. So, it’s nice to have a space that is kid-centered and that takes kids seriously.

All you party planners out there, take note – the bird performance space can be rented for special occasions.

Contact bird at 415-441-3551 or

And yes, its “bird” with a little “b” (for the little birds?).

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